Makers of Taiwan

橘之鄉 Agrioz


The founder believes that they only serve quality products to the consumers. Natural ingredients are used in the process. The golden jujube candied fruit is a jem to the locals served with the most authentic taste.

黃日香豆干 Hwang Ryh Shiang


Hwang Ryh Shiang operated as an oil extraction business in the past. They eventually started making fragrant dried tofu. Passing down from one generation to another, the Huang family upkeeps the tradition and shares their legacy through the distinctive taste of their products.

櫻桃爺爺 Cherry Grandfather

食品业是一种良心事业, 严选天然真实的食材, 以守护家人的心对待每一位顾客, 同时照顾果农与之契作, 研发出在地好滋味. 以用心, 认真, 负责的心对待每一项产品. 这就是樱桃爷爷的品牌精神! [若达不到满意口感, 我们宁愿全部报废也不上架销售] - 樱桃爷爷

Cherry Grandfather only selects fresh ingredients from local farmers, ensuring all produce are at the peak of freshness to achieve the best flavour and texture. Every product is produced for the best interest of both the customers and the local farmers — this is what Cherry Grandfather strives for. 

青澤伴手禮 Ching Tse

[台东, 就像是一座青山, 一座足以恩泽全台湾的青山.] 是父亲的叮咛, 也是[青泽] 诞生的初衷. 严选限量在地优质农产, 蹂进属于台东的风土, 咸, 甜, 鲜, 甘, 辣. 带出迷人的台东味

Taitung is similar to a green mountain, that is abundant with natural resources. Discover Taitung with locally highest quality agricultural products. The charms of Taitung presented with the diverse umami flavours of our goods.

阿聰師 O-Nong

“大甲-台湾芋头酥之父,奶油酥饼创始人──阿聪师 他用一身的故事, 捏一生的糕饼. 是手艺也是维系大甲工艺的传承处处以顾客为尊,以食安为本更是另一种坚持的感动.”

Dajia district, the root of Taiwan’s taro cakes and the originator of butter cakes. Master Ah Cong spends his time perfecting his craftsmanship to make the best products for consumers.

小林煎餅 Lins Handmade Cookies


「小林煎饼」。 「小林煎饼」不只内销全国各地,更外销到美国、英国、加拿大、香港、中国等地。各大超商、超市及乡间小店,都能见到「小林煎饼」的踪迹,让大家都能吃到本土的好味道,回味古早传统的煎饼香。”

During the 1940s, Mr. Lin Zhennan, founder of Kobayashi Pancake, travelled to Japan to learn the craft of traditional Japanese cake-making. The shop was named “Xiao Lin” because the shop started as a small scale operation. The Kobayashi Pancake was their signature pastry.

Today, the Kobayashi Pancake is selling in various supermarkets and stores worldwide. Everyone can enjoy the local flavours and appreciate the traditonal snack.