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林桑手燒超值分享包 Lins Handmade Cookies

林桑手燒超值分享包 Lins Handmade Cookies

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分享包是第一次接触煎饼的最佳选择。集合七种口味煎饼,独立小包装加上保鲜夹链袋,人气 No.1! 享受多种美味不必伤脑筋。内含:奶油煎饼,海苔煎饼,格子煎饼,芝麻煎饼,黑豆煎饼,薄烧饼干,卷心饼

The variety pack is the best way to enjoy all seven flavors of Lins Handmade Cookies. All cookies are individually packed in a hassle-free resealable bag. Flavors included: cream cookies, seaweed cookies, wafer cookies, sesame cookies, black bean cookies, thins, and egg roll biscuits.

Shelf Life

180 days


含有蛋类, 奶类, 花生, 大豆 (黑豆), 芝麻, 面粉.
This product contains eggs, dairy products, peanuts, black beans, sesame and flour.

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