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池上米穀酥 Rice Cracker

池上米穀酥 Rice Cracker

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Made with plump rice grains from Chishang Township in Taitung County that emanates a nostalgic rice fragrance. Mixed with a variety of wholesome grains — red quinoa, black rice, buckwheat, and pumpkin seeds — these bite-sized baked snacks make a perfect pairing with tea.

椒鹽 Salt & Pepper
超人气的椒盐口味! 咸香椒盐, 风味多层次. (全素)
Coated in a special salt and pepper seasoning, this baked bite-sized snack is packed full of nutrition.

焦糖 Caramel
老少咸宜的焦糖口味! 一入口, 牛奶焦糖香沁入鼻腔. (奶素)
Coated in a caramel sauce, this baked bite-sized snack, not fried and packed full of nutrition.

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360 days


本产品含有坚果, 麸质, 麦片和奶制品.
This product contains nuts, gluten, cereals and dairy products.

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