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流芋小芋仔 Taro Lava Cake

流芋小芋仔 Taro Lava Cake

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内馅香咸浓郁, 滑顺细腻. 酥脆多层外皮,浓醇和绵密的芋香后韵回荡。芋泥浓 - 严选大甲槟榔心芋头,紫色芬香绽放美味。饼皮香 - 油酥皮精选一级小麦反复杆折融入多层风味。美味秘诀 - 放进烤箱,温度约 170 度, 时间 3 分钟烤熟, 之后待稍冷后食用, 松软浓郁可口!

Smooth and rich molten taro puree within a cocoon of crispy multi-layered puff pastry. The thick oozing taro puree is made using the taro from Dajia District in Taichung, recongnized to be one of the best in the world.

To further enjoy the Taro Lava Cake, bake it at 170 degrees celsius for 3 minutes and allow it to cool before serving.

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45 days


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