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牛軋蔥餅 Nougat Cookie

牛軋蔥餅 Nougat Cookie

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荣获十大伴手礼奖!各大媒体一致推荐送礼礼盒,台北牛轧糖第一品牌,提供多种传统点心及精致甜点。当酥脆微咸的香葱苏打饼干,与软Q滑顺的牛轧糖撞击在一起时,激荡出咸。咸甜甜的美味,品尝过后保证爱不释口,一口接一口。放心好品质 -  用心打造美食,让你吃的放心, 安心。不添加防腐劑及人工色素。抓住鼻子的奶香 - 选用新西兰奶粉制成浓郁奶香, 味觉与嗅觉都成了它的俘虏。

Soft, chewy nougat sandwiched between crispy and lightly salted chive soda biscuits. A fun and satisfying mouthfeel that guarantees more bites after bite. Wholeheartedly made with milk sourced from New Zealand with no added preservatives and artificial colors.

Voted as one of the top ten souvenirs and the best nougat brand in Taipei, Cherry Grandfather offers a plethora of traditional desserts.

原味 Original
甜咸交织的诱人滋味. 牛轧糖混搭酥脆苏打饼, 不甜不腻的甜蜜滋味. (荤)

草莓 Strawberry
草莓口味的牛轧糖混搭酥脆苏打饼, 甜而不腻的幸福滋味.

花生 Peanut
花生口味的牛轧糖混搭酥脆苏打饼, 有浓浓的传统古早味.

芝麻 Sesame
芝麻口味的牛轧糖混搭酥脆苏打饼, 香味十足.

Shelf Life

180 days


本产品含有面粉, 奶制品, 蛋, 可可, 大豆制品, 花生粉, 黑芝麻粉过敏物质.
This product contains flour, dairy products, eggs, cocoa, soybean products, peanut powder and black sesame powder.

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