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金棗老婆餅 Kumquat Wife Cake

金棗老婆餅 Kumquat Wife Cake

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樱桃爷爷的金枣老婆饼使用严选的进口奶粉,面粉。加上部分人工揉感烘焙才有多层次果香口感。淡淡金枣果香与果肉饱满纤维为内馅,Q 弹不粘牙的麻糬包裹其中,入口后,酸酸甜甜的口感刚刚好。

Made with the finest imported milk and flour, Cherry Grandfather’s Kumquat Wife Cake is a multi-layered fruity dessert. The fibrous kumquat and chewy, non-sticky mochi bring forth the right amount of sweetness and sourness.

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This product contains flour and dairy products.

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