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鹹蛋黃牛軋餅 Salted Egg Nougat Cookie

鹹蛋黃牛軋餅 Salted Egg Nougat Cookie

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特别使用咸蛋黄调制而成的牛轧糖,作为古早味饼干夹心,酥松口感浓郁蛋黄香气在口中蔓延。口感清爽不腻, 不黏牙。微甜咸香的搭配非常合宜。是款大人小孩或长辈都很适合品尝的好滋味!

Creamy nougat flavoured with savoury salted egg sandwiched between crispy soda crackers. The sweet-savoury combination is widely favoured by locals of all ages!

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270 days


本产品含有大麦, 奶制品, 蛋, 大豆制品过敏物质.
This product contains wheat, milk, eggs and soybean products.

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